Your incentive group in Malta can enjoy a wide range of experiences to simultaneously reward and motivate effort within your company. Malta is a fantastic island location for incentive travel. It boasts 300 days of sunshine and crystal clear blue sea, which can be exploited by swimming, diving and boat trips. Furthermore, it has a rich historical heritage spanning 7,000 years, which provides a memorable backdrop for all kinds of activities and events. 

We design customised programmes which can include a wide variety of activities aimed towards team-building, problem-solving and developing loyalty. Combine fun, games, sports and outdoor adventure with complete relaxation, dining and entertainment in unique and marvellous locations for a truly memorable experience. The possibilities are endless, however, we are experienced in meeting each company’s unique objectives with a package guaranteed to ensure total satisfaction.

What we can do for you

Incentive travel is big on the Maltese Islands and the reasons for this will quickly become evident. Meanwhile, we have accumulated three decades of experience in matching client needs and providing only top of the range services to ensure your incentives group in Malta is thrilled and inspired. Here’s what Traveltrade Incentives can do for you: 

  • Brainstorm ideas to develop a customised incentives programme.
  • Plan and organise all the chosen activities.
  • Book venues for the various meetings and events.
  • Book accommodation and transport.
  • Provide a host and assistance throughout the trip.
  • Offer guidance and support through each activity and event.

Customised incentives programme

We excel at coming up with the programme best suited to your company’s individual needs. What do you hope to achieve during this incentive trip? You can combine a delicious mix of self-development, team-building, motivational activities and relaxation with wining, dining, entertainment and a pinch of local history and culture. The ultimate programme will be varied and captivating and one that promises to fulfil your goals.


When we said that the possibilities are endless, we meant it. The Islands offer several opportunities for adventure, such as kayaking, diving, sailing, deep-water-soloing, climbing and safaris. Meanwhile, we team up with local specialist team-building companies which have dreamt up some wonderfully creative fun activities. Furthermore, Malta is a well-known tourist hub for a reason - it is a unique and marvellous location that offers a wide range of entertainment options and places of interest. We know about every option available on the Maltese Islands, so tell us your requirements and allow us to dish out recommendations.


The venue options for your activities are just as varied and extraordinary. The exquisite halls and gardens of historic palazzos, the bastions of fortified cities overlooking the Grand Harbour and the deck of a luxury yacht or catamaran are all realistic options. Pretty beaches, caves and stunning cliffs may be some of the settings for your outdoor activities. One thing is certain: your incentives group in Malta should prepare to be impressed.

Accommodation and transport

Malta is home to fourteen five star hotels and over forty four star hotels. You can choose to stay in the heart of it all or retreat to quieter part of the island - it is so small that everything is within an hour’s reach in any case. Furthermore, we organise your transport to all activities and events and also your airport transfers.

Hosting and 24/7 support

Welcome to Malta, allow us to show you around and keep you interested and entertained. Having a local guide to handle all the practicalities means your team stays focused on the things that matter. The good news is that language is not a barrier, as English is also a national language.

We have no doubt that the Maltese Islands are a prime location for your incentive travel, do you? We also have no doubt that we are your choice incentives travel DMC. We specialise in meetings & conferences, incentives and events in the Maltese Islands. Contact us to sort out your queries and to find out more about how we can handle your incentives group in Malta and Gozo.